After vacations, Dennis emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistency in the home environment for pets. Whether they stayed at a

Dennis Urrutia explains that the key is to establish a feeding schedule for the older dog to regulate their bathroom

Dennis Urrutia elucidates the specialized training methods employed to teach dogs to search for specific items or objects with distinct

Dennis emphasizes the importance of establishing good habits in puppies to ensure appropriate behavior. He provides advice on correcting behaviors

The most crucial aspect is understanding your dog’s energy level and temperament. If your dog has a strong character, it’s

According to a specialist, anthropomorphizing our pets can be detrimental as they may interpret human behaviors that are not natural

Dennis Urrutia highlights the importance of being mindful during outdoor activities, such as running, to avoid discomforting a dog. First,

In this video, we witness a demonstration conducted by Dennis Urrutia. Dr. Juan called upon the specialist to simulate the

Dogs have an effectiveness rate of 90% as they can detect metabolic changes. Dennis Urrutia explains that the training of

Dennis Urrutia outlines how to respond to the movements and behavior of your dog. It’s important to issue commands accompanied

Dennis Urrutia offers guidance on precautions to be taken when encountering a potentially aggressive dog. It is vital to refrain

Dennis Urrutia emphasizes the importance of establishing schedules for meals and walks. It’s also crucial to regulate the amount of

In the following video, we witness an outstanding performance on the show where Diesel participated and impressed the jury with

Dennis Urrutia showcases Diesel’s skills and remarkable behavior and obedience on the program. These abilities are taught at K-9 Specialist,

In many cases, people choose animals that align with their own characteristics. Pets adapt to their owner’s personality, as dogs

It’s advisable to remain vigilant at all times. To avoid such situations, it’s crucial to keep your pet on a

Alan gives us a firsthand look at the work that Dennis Urrutia applies to Sky, the favorite dog of Despierta

The responsibility of owners is paramount. Dennis Urrutia highlights the signs that animals exhibit to help us identify their mood,

In this program, Dennis presents topics of interest related to training dogs that have accidents in inappropriate places. We also

During our visit, Disel showcases his service training, while Dennis Urrutia provides insights into the tailored training programs and various

It’s essential for the dog to be well-socialized and able to function seamlessly alongside soldiers, adapting to various external stimuli.

In this video, we witness advanced levels of obedience training, showcasing a variety of commands. These commands include hand signals,

In any type of training, it is unnecessary to resort to hitting the dog. The key lies in consistent repetitions

Dennis Urrutia emphasizes the importance of teaching off-leash commands with utmost responsibility. When outdoors, our dog may face risks due

In this special program Dennis Urrutia, we delve into the world of protection dogs, witnessing firsthand how these maneuvers are

Dennis Urrutia shares the story of Disel, a remarkable dog who has been Dennis’s loyal companion for years, working alongside

It’s crucial for a dog to relieve itself in a designated area. Dennis Urrutia distinguishes between small dogs and larger

In such situations, specialist Dennis Urrutia emphasizes the significance of socializing the dog. As adults, we must pay attention when

Dennis Urrutia explains the various types of training for dogs, including protection dogs, which guard the home, service dogs that

Training your pet is paramount. It’s a significant responsibility when we have a pet. Observing their behavior is crucial. The

Dennis advises us that when we have a puppy at home, they enjoy chewing on toys as a way of

It’s possible to teach tricks to a dog while outdoors. Chains, reinforcements, and various tools are crucial to use properly

Dennis provides us with guidelines to protect ourselves when facing an aggressive dog. It’s crucial to avoid sudden movements and

Dennis Urrutia advises us on precautions to take when faced with a dog threat. It’s essential to avoid sudden movements

It’s crucial for the dog to be well-socialized and able to move alongside the soldier, accustomed to external stimuli. Additionally,

Dennis Urrutia explains that service dogs are trained to accompany individuals, with each dog undergoing specific training tailored to meet

Dennis advises us on the best options to mitigate the impact of fireworks sounds on our pets, as they perceive

Dennis Urrutia addresses audience questions during a radio interview, sharing insights into his journey from humble beginnings to becoming the

Dennis Urrutia shares his expertise in canine training, behavior modification, and rehabilitation, earning recognition as one of the foremost authorities

Dennis provides guidance on how to identify dogs’ temperaments and understand which tasks each breed is suited for in order

In this interview, Dennis Urrutia delves into his life and experiences as a dog trainer, offering valuable insights, tips, and

Disel, a dog trained by Dennis Urrutia, demonstrates the commands that enable him to fulfill incredible tasks, showcasing the results

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Dennis Urrutia demonstrates the training process of dogs prepared to protect our families. Reacción del Pastor Alemán como Perro Guardián

Dennis Urrutia stresses the importance of prioritizing human life above all else. It is essential to take responsibility for the

It’s essential to interpret the animal’s behavior, particularly if it’s a young dog. When approached by a dog, it’s important

Problems often arise with small dogs, especially when they are still puppies and lack control over their needs. They may

Reinforcing the command when the dog identifies movement, noise, or an unusual situation indicates that they might be alerting us

In this video, we get an exclusive look behind the scenes of a fantastic program where Dennis Urrutia shared practical

It’s crucial to consider the shelter or home where our pets rest, ensuring that it’s made of insulating materials to

Dennis Urrutia provides guidance on teaching obedience and control to ensure that your dog adapts smoothly to the temporary transition

Dennis Urrutia emphasizes the importance of practicing obedience commands at home, such as standing, sitting, etc., so that once we

Dennis Urrutia shares practical advice on identifying our dogs’ behaviors and understanding how to respect their space and timing. Consejos

Each trick not only entertains but also serves as a testament to the bond and trust established between the dog

In a captivating segment of FERNANDO HIDALGO’s program, Dennis Urrutia astounds the audience with an array of tricks performed by

Dennis Urrutia showcases the training he implemented on rescued dogs, highlighting the significance of effective training and demonstrating that it

Prominent participation in the program Animals 360: Denis Urrutia delves into the relevance of therapy animals and outlines their specialized

Dennis suggests that the key is to stay occupied and gradually release the pain as time progresses. He also touched

Dennis Urrutia highlights the significance of selecting appropriate dog breeds for various assistance tasks and the specific training required to

Dennis Urrutia explains that the reason behind this is the affiliative relationship between dogs and their families, and the bond

In this article, Dennis Urrutia outlines the three main alternatives for ensuring our dogs are well taken care of while

Dogs have a unique and specific way of expressing their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Therefore, Dennis Urrutia suggests that the

Dennis Urrutia emphasizes the significance of K9 training and its proper methodology, which is implemented without causing harm or distress

Improving the Relationship Between Owner and Dog Dennis Urrutia offers practical advice on enhancing the bond between owners and their

When selecting a pet for your family, it’s important to consider the specific needs and dynamics of your household. For

In the stressful situation of a pet entering its new home, it’s crucial to familiarize them with their surroundings. Additionally,

Dennis Urrutia guides us through the proper procedure to deal with a potential canine attack, using common objects we carry

Understanding your dog’s energy and temperament is key. If your dog is strong-willed, it’s vital to be cautious around unfamiliar

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